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Bulk Voice Calls


Nimbus helps set up state of art voice calls-outbound dialing-inbound dialing systems that work seamlessly and integrate smoothly into your work flows. The Interactive voice response (IVR) and outbound dialing (OBD) work in conjunction to help you run campaigns and increase sales with robust, reliable, high performance solutions with a host of features such as:

Automatic dialing, redials, preview of voice calls

Unlimited levels, route and patch calls to agents in-house or remote agents.


Define and assign dialing policies

Real time activation and subscription is possible

Support for ISDN and SS7

The key benefits

Reduced dependence on staff due to high degree of automation

Reduction in operational costs

Capability to feed fresh and dynamic content

Full support, training and backup from Nimbus to help you gain maximum productivity.

OBD/IVR is the way to go in the current context of reaching out to more potential customers and serving existing ones at the least cost and project a better brand image. You can implement new campaigns, handle existing ones efficiently and use this OBD/IVR facility for a variety of purposes. Reports keep you updated about call status, location status and you can get a fair picture of returns.

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